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CosplayVille - Ferrara

13-14 June 2020, Ferrara Parco Massari


The wait for the CosplayVille festival that will come to life in Ferrara in June 2020 is almost over for those who love the world of cosplay and comics and absolutely do not want to miss this appointment in Ferrara. For two days Parco Massari will be invaded by cosplayers, animations, entertainment and a large exhibition-market ... all rigorously with a fantasy theme of course! Admission is free and the program is decidedly rich and tasty. Cosplay is a word formed by the fusion of the English words "costume" (costume) and "play" (game or interpretation) which indicates the practice of wearing a costume that represents the favorite character by interpreting the way they act. In addition to dressing up for public events, it is not unusual for Japanese teenagers to gather together with friends with the same passion just to do cosplay.

Presentations, demonstrations, workshops, concerts, theatrical performances, competitions and much more, to spend two days together immersed in the magical world of comics, science fiction and fantasy!
International cosplay, comics and games festival in the surreal atmosphere of Ferrara, a UNESCO heritage city. Wonderful squares, streets and cloisters of the city of the Estensi will come to life animated by comic strips and unexpected games.

The festival is free to enter, with workshops conducted by leading figures in the cosplay world who are experts in, for example, the construction of cosplay items. There will also be conferences, concerts, markets, exhibitions and new interactive games in the context of these types of events, but it is not over here: the cultural aspect of the festival will be reflected in a series of book presentations, video games and games together the opportunity to visit and get to know the fascinating city of the Estensi.

Program. You can consult it online by visiting

There will be an active participation of the spectators, also thanks to a series of competitions related to the world of photography (instagram and traditional), cosplayer contest, a science fiction literary contest, that of painting miniatures and much more. In addition, theme parades will take place in the magical streets of the historic center of Ferrara, original skits and many surprises. Important guests in the comics scene will be present, such as designers, writers and illustrators. You will meet voice actors of cartoons and TV series, well-known youtubers and particular singing groups.

Cosplay area. For lovers of the cosplay world, Cosplayville will offer many opportunities. The cosplay area will be the liveliest of the entire fair: you will find gazebos with gadgets and accessories from the cosplay world to stimulate the imagination of those who are already cosplayers or to intrigue those who aspire to be so. The possibilities in the cosplay area will be numerous: from workshops aimed at the construction of ad hoc objects, to contests and parades to satisfy all fans of this sector. So, calendar in hand, our dispassionate advice is to immediately open the agenda and cross any commitment to dedicate yourself entirely to this truly unique and exciting festival and, on this occasion, to savor the beauty of the city of Ferrara.

Cosplay photo. The festival will be a great occasion to take lots of cosplay photos to remember the most beautiful costume and share this fantastic experience on social networks. There has already been a small preview of the festival and the success has been remarkable. Start now to create the most original dress to participate and to immerse yourself in the magical world that will come to life in Ferrara.

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