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Bed and breakfast stay in Ferrara

Lodging in Ferrara

Staying at Il giardino di Rebecca bed and breakfast is a completely unique experience. Part of what makes the bed and breakfast experience so appealing to those who love to frequent them is the fact that they are so different one from the other. Generally speaking, they are more personal, more intimate, and are a much more comfortable type of accommodation. You get the comforts of a high-end hotel but with personalized attention.

With that, there are a couple of dos and don’ts of staying at a bed and breakfast that all guests should be aware of. These aren’t necessarily true for every property, but they are a good guideline, especially for those who are new to the bed and breakfast experience.

Do: Mind check in and check out times. These are determined based upon two main factors. One, it takes time to clean a room between guests and to make sure that it is ready for the next check in. 

Secondly, some innkeepers actually live or work outside of the bed and breakfast, and therefore, they simply may not be available outside of those check in/out times. Please don’t show up early expecting an early check in without calling first to make sure it’s OK. We would like advance warning. Same goes with late check out. Most of us will be willing to accommodate a late check out as long as nobody is checking in, but please ask before you assume that it’s OK.

Don’t: Do not assume that all innkeepers live in the same premises. In Italy it's not always true.

Do: Ask questions. We are here to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. We want you to ask questions. Ask us about where to go, what to do, what to see. Ask us if you need something. Don’t try to find it yourself, and please don’t refrain from asking because you don’t want to put us out. We can’t fix problems we don’t know about. And by all means, if you notice something is not right in a guest room, please inform us. There are times where a room may be occupied for weeks at a time, and we may not get the opportunity to test every aspect of the room at each turn. That means we rely on our guests to let us know if they accidentally broke something, or if they noticed there is something missing. We love constructive criticism. If you don’t like the pillow, ask. If you are cold, ask us to adjust the temp. If you need more towels, more soap, more toilet paper, more bottled water, or anything for that matter, ask.

Do: Observe any rules or requests that may be set forth by the innkeepers. Some bed and breakfasts will present you with a short list of their rules upon check in; others have a book on the bed or somewhere in the room outlining basic rules. Some, like us, don’t really have any. Either way, remember you are staying in someone’s home, and it is up to them to establish what they are comfortable with you doing or not doing. Most of the time these rules are there to insure that your stay is as comfortable and uneventful as possible. 

 Do: Many first-time visitors to a B&B are surprised to find rates lower than than the local hotels. A bed & breakfast tends to focus on their hospitality core, which is a comfy bed, a good breakfast, and a nice building. 

Don't: B&Bs are usually smaller than hotels, have only few rooms and no night reception.

Do: B&Bs are a Better Travel Experience

You’re not just an anonymous room number out of hundreds at a B&B. Most B&Bs only have the capability for a handful of guests at any given time, allowing them to truly focus on their guests. Even if you stay in your room, you can expect a very personal level of service. If you are feeling social, most B&Bs have a common area, or lounge where guests can congregate. Get to know your fellow travelers and the staff. More often than not, the staff is actually the owners themselves, and they can give you a perspective you’ll only get from a local.

Do: Innkeepers- Sure, the hotel staff may be friendly, but do they go out of their way to make sure you are at the height of comfort? Innkeepers care about your experience and will make sure to treat you with the utmost hospitality.

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